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Better Together: Why embracing differences makes this self-driving team stronger

One of the core values at Argo AI is “We > I,” which is a simple way of saying that we operate better as a team that is collaborative and respectful to each and every employee, no matter their background. Our shared mission, purpose, and values always come before individual egos or self-interest.

And while the world is changing before our eyes, I am proud to see that our employees’ commitment to Argo’s spirit has not faltered.

Argo is made up of a diverse group of employees who come from all walks of life. Yet all of us are passionate about the work we do and bring a level of intelligence, perspective and insight that is absolutely critical to our success. Some of our employees are immigrants, or children of immigrants. In fact, Argo employees come from nearly 30 different countries.

My grandparents came to the U.S. from Belfast, Ireland right after World War II seeking a better life — which they attained when they eventually settled into a suburb of Detroit. Throughout my experience in technology and academia, I’ve crossed paths with so many others who have sought to achieve what my grandparents were able to do. Immigration is not only important for enriching our society, it is also good for our business. Access to the world’s brightest minds — no matter where they come from — helps us further build a diverse and incredibly talented employee base.

This is why I wanted to share some of the great stories from our employees in a new series called “We Are Argo.” We start with Gus, a software engineer by day/YouTuber by night, Sonal, who has repeatedly shattered glass ceilings throughout her career, and Cedric, who draws on his love of sci-fi to help solve real-world problems.

Check out the “We Are Argo” series, featuring unique stories and diverse experiences from Argo AI employees, here.

My goal in sharing these stories with you is twofold: To reinforce the idea that while we may be physically isolated during this time of crisis, we’re not alone in our shared ambitions for the world. And to help all of us get to know one another a bit better, not just as brilliant and talented coworkers, but as passionate, diverse and mission-driven individuals.

The last few months of remote work has taught me a bunch of big lessons. I’ve realized how lucky I am to have a job that I love. How fortunate I am to work with an amazing team dedicated to our mission of building self-driving technology people can trust. And finally, how much better life is when we’re together, not apart.

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