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Minority Report's Vertical Highway and Self-Driving Lexus

Nostalgia Driven: Revisiting the Vertical Highway and the Self-Driving Lexus From ‘Minority Report’

The following information may make you wish to curl up into a ball and scream about the passage of time, so fair warning — but, here we go: Minority Report

What Elevators, Skyscrapers and Labor Can Tell Us About Self-Driving Cars

In 2021, it’s hard to imagine a big city without skyscrapers. And even harder to imagine one without automatic elevators.  Yet not long ago, at the beginning of the 2...

Bridging Tech, Mobility, and Social Divides in Miami

The essential nature of the internet for America’s youth was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, when schools all across the United States moved to so-called “distance learning” or “remote learning...

How Are Autonomous Vehicles Similar To, but Different From the Metaverse?

The company formerly known as Facebook made news around the world last week when it

What Does It Take To Be an Autonomous Vehicle Test Specialist?

Self-driving cars are already being tested on pub...

Why College Students Understand Self-Driving Better Than Most

The No Parking Podcast has already traveled back in time once this season to explore the
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