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Who Will Win The Self-Driving Car Race? The Clues Lie In Elevator History

Who will win the self-driving car race? People ask me this all the time, and the question doesn’t make much sense. It assumes there actually is

How Would a Fleet of Autonomous Sleighs Help Santa This Christmas?

Expert opinions on the global supply chain crisis are blizzard thick these days. And yet no one seems to have found it worthwhile to check in with the world’s foremost expert on the ins-and-outs of on-demand, worl...

For Low-Vision People Like Me, Autonomous Driving Could Change Everything

A lot of people who work in the technology industry are tantalized by the potential of autonomous vehicles. For them, true self-driving is the Holy Grail of innovation: A chance to put artificial intelligence to the...

Time for a Reset on How We Talk About “Driver-Assist” Technology and “Autonomous Vehicles”

Ariel Wolf is the general counsel for the Self-Driving Coalition, an organization established to educate the public, lawmakers, and regulators on the safety and societal benefits of autonomous vehicle technology.

No Artificial Intelligence in ‘Dune’? There’s Tons of It

I planned to write a Finch movie review, but watching Finch

Why Self Racing Cars Is My Favorite Self-Driving Event Of The Year

“Are you allowed to be pessimistic about self-driving cars?” asked John Mullen, veteran entrepreneur and Team Principal of Beta Tauri Racing. I wasn’t sure if he was talking to himself, or to me. He had just d...
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