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Self-Driving Is Arriving Right On Time. Just Like Ice Cream Did

Seven years ago, I was a self-driving skeptic. Not of the technology. Of all the “experts” promising autonomous vehicles would be everywhere by 2020. You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to know that was ridiculous. All you needed was...
A box for a board game about autonomous vehicles with one in white and another in teal against a yellow backdrop

Who Will Win The Self-Driving Game?

I’m often asked who is going to win the self-driving car race, so in my last column I explained that self-driving isn’t a race, but a game. Thinking that games are races is what kids do when they don’t...

I Rode In the ID. Buzz, Soon to be the Coolest Autonomous Vehicle on the Road

The vehicle has a little bottle opener, standard in the center console. It has little smiley faces embossed in the door handle wells. In fact, the car itself  looks like it’s smiling at you. The new all-electric Volkswagen ID....
A photo of a street corner and cross walk in Miami at dusk. A pinkish white condo tower is seen on the horizon in front of a cloudy gray sky.

How I Convinced My Mom to Stop Driving

Everyone’s gotten that call. Or will, someday. That call from an unknown number, but your phone doesn’t label it Unknown, or even Scam Likely, which I always want to answer out of curiosity, but don’t for lack of time....
An aerial 2.5D view of a vibrant purple and blue, illustrated cityscape with buildings, trees, roads, vehicles and pedestrians co-existing

Autonomous Vehicles Check the Boxes of DOT’s Innovation Principles

Earlier this year Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg unveiled a set of innovation principles for the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) approach to new technologies. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) fit squarely within these goals and belong on DOT’s agenda to improve safety,...
An illustration of a red driverless lawn mower making its way across a grassy green front lawn.

Get On My Lawn! How Autonomous Lawn Mowers Could Help Neighborhoods Flourish

I recently spotted a new arrival next door. My neighbor had brought home a shiny, happy looking robotic lawnmower and turned it loose in the backyard. For hours, I watched it chug back and forth, slicing up blades of...
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