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Matt Johnson-Roberson of the CMU Robotics Institute. Photo Credit: Carnegie Mellon University

Why the New Director of the CMU Robotics Institute Thinks a Self-Driving Sea Change Is Underway

“Ironically, I don’t really drive,” admits the man who has spent his entire career working on self-driving vehicles. “I ride my bike everywhere.”  Matt Johnso...
Autonomous "Roboat" in Amsterdam

Autonomous Boats Are Using Lidar to Traverse the Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, and The Netherlands more broadly, are world-renowned for the many urban canals and the boats that navigate them. But a boat traveling safely down a Dutch cana...
What to Expect From Self-Driving and Automated Technology at CES

What to Expect From Self-Driving and Automated Technology at CES 2022

CES has long been the go-to event for autonomous vehicle (AV) stakeholders. Since GM debuted its EN-V concept at CES a decade ago, automakers have used the event for everything from unveiling AV technologies and con...

Carnegie Mellon’s Girls of Steel to Create Fitness Device for Youth With Autism

Girls of...

From Plymouth to Plymouth: Mayflower 400 to Sail Into a New World of Autonomous Technology

When the Mayflower left Plymouth, UK in September 1620, she was equipped with little more than a ship’s compass, the wind in her sails, and the hopes and dreams of the Pilgrims risking it all for a life in the New...

How Autonomous “Burro Bots” Make Harvesting Grapes Easier for Farm Workers

There’s nothing quite like the plump, juicy deliciousness of a California table grape. But the future of the fruit is uncertain because there aren’t enough workers to perform the strenuous work of harvesting. Ac...
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