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Honda ASIMO, a white humanoid robot, stands before a crowd of children seated in bleachers at the Czech Science Center.

How ASIMO Paved The Way For Today’s Autonomous Vehicles

ASIMO, the world’s first bi-pedal humanoid robot, “lived” just 22 years. But that brief time ushered in an era of robotic acceptance and innovation that has fueled progress in robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and automation of all kinds....
An illustration of a disembodied nose perched on the front face of a teal and pink-colored cube, surrounded by nodes and lines representing data and information, on a white background

How a Digital Nose Could Help Autonomous Vehicles Stay Clean

Restoring smell to a person who’s lost the ability; identifying a new smell with the touch of a button; alerting a cleaning crew that a passenger just ate some super-smelly tuna in a ride-share vehicle – these are all...
A collage of photos of four headshots of Argo AI employees in black and white, in front of autonomous vehicles, lidar sensors and the Argo logo in orange and teal.

Learning About Robotics Helped These Humans Work on Autonomous Vehicles

When Ishan Khatri was little, he would pore over copies of Popular Science from the library, enamored with the futuristic vehicles, robots, and tools that filled the glossy, colorful pages, and the inspiring scientists, engineers, and designers making them....

Meet the Quantum Physicist Ballerina Who Programs Her Own Robot Dance Partner

An industrial robotic arm is an unusual choice for a dance partner, but it was the one sought after by Dr. Merritt Moore, a former dancer with the Norwegian National Ballet. Moore is also a quantum physicist and graduated...
The stern of the Endurance with the name and emblematic polestar

Mystery Solved: How Robots Found Shackleton’s Long-Lost Shipwreck, ‘Endurance’

Over a century after it sank into the depths of the most remote, most brutal, and least surveyed waters on the planet, the once unreachable wreck of the sail ship Endurance has finally been found—thanks to autonomous technology. Two...
A colorized photograph of Henny Admoni, head of the Human and Robot Partners Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, pictured alongside a robotic arm

Henny Admoni Is Building Better Robots By Studying Humans

When Henny Admoni tells people she’s a roboticist who primarily studies humans, she gets strange looks. “It might seem a little weird,” Admoni says, “but the goal of my research is to understand how to make robots good for...
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