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Sony display at CES 2022. Credit: Consumer Technology Association

The Top 10 Autonomous Tech Announcements at CES 2022

Now that we all live in the
Argo AI meets standards as outlined by the Autonomous Vehicle Safety Consortium and SAE International’s J3018

A Successful Independent Audit of Argo AI’s Test Driver Procedures Signals a Benchmark for the Autonomous Vehicle Industry

For over a century, organizations like SAE International (formerly, the Society of Automobile Engineers), have existed to provide the automotive industry with safety standards and best practices. The logic behind SA...

Watch and Learn: How a Self-Driving Car Rides Safely Beside a Bicycle — And Stops to Let It Pass

As the world looks to shift to cleaner, greener modes of transportation, bicycling can be one of the best, most affordable options. Unfortunately, interactions within traffic can pose a danger. In Miami alone, for e...

Watch and Learn: An Engineer Explains How a Self-Driving Car Instantly Brakes for a Cyclist

“They came out of nowhere!” You’ve probably heard this phrase uttered while riding in a car (maybe you’ve even said it yourself) if another vehicle, pedestrian, or bicyclist appears suddenly in front of your...

Argo AI and the League of American Bicyclists Create Guidelines to Help Autonomous Vehicles Safely Coexist With Cyclists

Throughout its history, the nearly 142-year-old nonprofit organization League of American Bicyclists...

How Open World Recognition Enables Autonomous Vehicles to Respond Safely to Anything They Encounter on the Road

Concrete jungles: a nickname given to urban areas, one that evokes the wildness of these environments, and the challenge of taming the seething masses of life within. For all of the order we impose on our urban spac...
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