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How Autonomous Vehicles Distinguish Between Bicycles and People Who Ride Them

How Autonomous Vehicles Distinguish Between Bikes and People

When it comes to how autonomous vehicles see the world, humans come first, literally. Autonomous vehicles (AVs), like the kind operated by Pittsburgh-based Argo AI, use Machine Learning to detect and classify the objects in their surroundings, identifying people...
Why The League of American Bicyclists is optimistic about autonomous vehicles

Why a Leading Cycling Advocacy Group Is Optimistic About Autonomous Vehicles

As autonomous vehicle use grows, AV companies and the League of American Bicyclists are collaborating on how to ensure cyclists and motorists can share the roads safely, even if the “motorist” is artificial intelligence software. As part of the...
An illustration of an Argo autonomous vehicle in teal against a backdrop of buildings, a bicyclist, and research papers

7 Big Breakthroughs From Argo Research at CVPR 2022

The 2022 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2022) is nearly here. Thousands of computer scientists, software engineers, and researchers from around the globe will gather in New Orleans to review and discuss their latest work in...

Researchers Predict the Future With Lidar Data

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Argo AI Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research, a private-public partnership funded by Argo for advancing the autonomous-vehicle (AV) field, say they have come up with a way to use lidar data to visualize not...
An image showing a white bird prop flying over a roadway on Argo's closed course test track in Western Pennsylvania

Testing the Edge: Preparing Autonomous Vehicles For Swooping Birds

This article is part of our Testing the Edge series, describing how Argo AI engineers create structured tests for real-world driving scenarios from the commonplace to the rare “edge-cases.”  How do self-driving cars handle birds flying in front of...
Argo cyclists in Austin

What It’s Like to Be a Cyclist Working at An Autonomous Vehicle Company

When Matthew O’Donnell, a facilities manager at Argo AI, rides his bike around Austin, Texas—ranked by advocacy groups as one of America’s best bicycling cities—he still feels somewhat vulnerable to cars and trucks. He’s acutely aware of how busy...
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