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An Argo AI test specialist who moonlights as a rock star

The Surprising Musicality of an Autonomous Vehicle Test Team

David Pinkerton (just “Pink” to his friends), knows what it feels like to be “locked in.” When he performs with his heavy metal band

The Science of Driving Naturally: How Self-Driving Vehicles Learn to Get Along with City Traffic

For experienced drivers, getting from point A to B in a city might seem simple. They survey their surroundings, pick a route, and punch the accelerator.  But this proce...

Why Weather Prediction Is Critical For Self-Driving Vehicles

“I’m an optimist,” said Harold Wilson, ”but an optimist who carries a raincoat.” There aren’t a lot of certainties in life, but one thing’s for sure: a...

After a Quiet Year, Congestion Is Revving Back Up. Are Connected Intersections the Answer to Our Traffic Nightmares?

“Every time you stop a car, bad things happen,” says Gordon Meth. “You’re delaying someone. There are gas emissions. There’s a potential for crashes and accidents. The more you make someone stop, the highe...

How Smart Infrastructure and Self-Driving Technology Might Slash City Travel Time

It’s been shown that smart infrastructure technology can improve...

How Well Did Knight Rider Predict Autonomous Vehicles?

One of my favorite bits on the No Parking podcast goes like this: no matter what the guest is talking about, I try to bend the conversation toward science...
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