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Debunking Self-Driving Myths: They’ll Be Here Tomorrow

Editor’s Note: In this series, Ground Truth asks industry experts to address some of the most pervasive misconceptions about...

The Top 5 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Self-Driving Cars

One of the most fun things about being a sci-fi fan at an artificial intelligence and robotics company is that, when you rewatch the movies and shows you loved as a kid, all you see are the holes. Why can’t R2D2 t...

Why the Depiction of AI, Drones and Autonomy in “Outside the Wire” is Almost Awesome

“Outside the Wire” has everything: AI, drones, robots, a Trolley Problem, Asimov’s

Rosie the Roboticist: How an All-Girls FIRST Team Connects Yesterday’s Pioneers to the STEM Kids of Tomorrow

“I was intimidated.”  “I didn’t think I could be a leader.”  “No one listened to me.”

Fast Times for Slow Streets: How Self-Driving Vehicles Might Accelerate a Pandemic-Driven Trend in Cities

Matthew Gultanoff, founder of the community advocacy group Better Streets Miami Beach, says that his neighbors have a saying to describe life in South Florida: The outdoors...

Three Women Building the Future at a Self-Driving Technology Company

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Ground Truth is spotlighting three visionary leaders who are...
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