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Why “Anywhere, Anytime” Autonomous Vehicles Make No Sense

A lot of people in my Twitter feed seem really excited about the idea of owning a car that can drive itself anywhere, anytime. My fellow Tesla drivers call this Full Self-Dr...
An illustration of a future retail store with autonomous vehicle pickup

How Self-Driving Vehicles Fit In Perfectly With the Future of Retail

This is the first in a series of stories about the future of retail stores and their relationship with autonomous vehicles. The days of needing to drive to the st...

What Do Self-Driving Car Testers Share With Rally Car Racers? The Art of ‘Commentary Driving’

Whenever I’m driving with my mom in the passenger seat, there is a constant monologue of instruction coming out of her: Watch that car ahead of you. Do you see that pedest...
Drivers License and Education Collage

Debunking Self-Driving Myths: Your Kids Won’t Need a Driver’s License

Editor’s Note: In this series, Ground Truth asks industry experts to address some of the most pervasive misconceptions about...
Lidar Everywhere

Welcome to the Lidar Age: 11 Ways Laser Sensors Are Taking Over Everything

“Hit me with those laser beams,” sang Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1984. Lidar pioneers? M...

Let There Be Light: How a Single Photon Could Revolutionize Self-Driving

If you’re reading this article on a screen, it’s mostly thanks to photons. About half a billion
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