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The CMU-Argo AI Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research work on open world recognition for self-driving systems

How Open World Recognition Enables Autonomous Vehicles to Respond Safely to Anything They Encounter on the Road

Concrete jungles: a nickname given to urban areas, one that evokes the wildness of these environments, and the challenge of taming the seething masses of life within. For all of the order we impose on our urban spac...
Artist's rendering of smart cluster munitions from the Dune world

No Artificial Intelligence in ‘Dune’? There’s Tons of It

I planned to write a Finch movie review, but watching Finch
New York City Driving

As Self-Driving Cars Begin Testing in New York City, a Transportation Expert Weighs in on Its Autonomous Future

“The whole science of the autonomous vehicle is predicting the unpredictable,” says Sam Schwartz, a former chief engineer for the New...
A rendering of The Mayflower Autonomous Ship.

From Plymouth to Plymouth: Mayflower 400 to Sail Into a New World of Autonomous Technology

When the Mayflower left Plymouth, UK in September 1620, she was equipped with little more than a ship’s compass, the wind in her sails, and the hopes and dreams of the Pilgrims risking it all for a life in the New...
Argo AI Autonomous Vehicles "See" in the Dark

How Does an Autonomous Vehicle “See” in the Dark?

The world looks very different at night. Get behind the wheel of a car, and you’ll quickly notice the limitations of human eyesight: In low or no light, we struggle to identify objects. We become reliant on street...
Burro.ai's autonomous cargo-carrying platform for grape harvesting

How Autonomous “Burro Bots” Make Harvesting Grapes Easier for Farm Workers

There’s nothing quite like the plump, juicy deliciousness of a California table grape. But the future of the fruit is uncertain because there aren’t enough workers to perform the strenuous work of harvesting. Ac...
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