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An Argo AI test vehicle on Wednesday October 14, 2020 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/For Argo AI)

Watch a Self-Driving Vehicle Negotiate with Oncoming Cars on a Narrow Road

Driving down a narrow, two-way road can be a lot like dancing — you either pull over or you take the lead. For self-driving vehicles, the same analogy holds true; these kinds of road negotiations require the self-...

New Eyes, New Ears, New Brains: Inside the Next Generation Argo AI Self-Driving System

Safe and reliable: Those are the watchwords for everything we do at Argo. We are committed to building a self-driving system that, above all else, makes the roads safer for everyone who uses them. But we’re also d...

Watch a Self-Driving Vehicle Take an Unprotected Left Turn in Miami Traffic

In many cities, there are intersections without 4-way traffic control — the kind drivers dread when they find themselves yielding to opposing traffic during rush hour, waiting to pounce at the next available gap i...

What Self-Driving Can Learn from a Legend of Car Culture

Imagine you’re one of the most successful people in your field, and a stranger walks up and says they’re going to put you out of business. They’re not even in the same business, but they grab your elbow, lean...

Who Will Win The Self-Driving Car Race? The Clues Lie In Elevator History

Who will win the self-driving car race? People ask me this all the time, and the question doesn’t make much sense. It assumes there actually is
How self-driving cars see

How Self-Driving Cars “See”

Even from far away, self-driving technology can detect cyclists, pedestrians, cars, and other road users — and predict the ways they will likely move. Using real footage and sensor data from an Argo AI test drive on January 14th, 2020, we re...
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