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Road and Street Signs

How Autonomous Vehicles Identify Street Signs — Even Graffitied, Damaged, and Faded Ones

Stop, yield, no U-turn, no turn on red, railroad crossing, children playing, falling rocks — there are a huge variety of road signs out there that drivers are expected to recognize to get around safely. We human beings typically...
An autonomous vehicle from Argo AI performs a driverless ride in Austin, Texas

Argo AI Launches Driverless Cars in Miami and Austin

Argo AI announced today that it has launched driverless car operations in two major U.S. cities, setting itself apart in an autonomous vehicle industry that is otherwise focused on locations with limited complexity or mastering one location at a...
A box for a board game about autonomous vehicles with one in white and another in teal against a yellow backdrop

Who Will Win The Self-Driving Game?

I’m often asked who is going to win the self-driving car race, so in my last column I explained that self-driving isn’t a race, but a game. Thinking that games are races is what kids do when they don’t...
A can of AI-generated IPA beer pictured in a black can against a background of 1s and 0s.

How Artificial Intelligence Learned to Brew Beer

Brewing beer is one of humanity’s oldest arts. So how would a new-fangled technology like artificial intelligence do at the task? That was the question facing Denham D’Silva, founder and owner of Barossa Valley Brewing in Adelaide, Australia, after...
An illustration of a disembodied nose perched on the front face of a teal and pink-colored cube, surrounded by nodes and lines representing data and information, on a white background

How a Digital Nose Could Help Autonomous Vehicles Stay Clean

Restoring smell to a person who’s lost the ability; identifying a new smell with the touch of a button; alerting a cleaning crew that a passenger just ate some super-smelly tuna in a ride-share vehicle – these are all...

I Rode In the ID. Buzz, Soon to be the Coolest Autonomous Vehicle on the Road

The vehicle has a little bottle opener, standard in the center console. It has little smiley faces embossed in the door handle wells. In fact, the car itself  looks like it’s smiling at you. The new all-electric Volkswagen ID....
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