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Illustration of a futuristic parking deck turned into a mixed-use space, with AVs driving by

How Autonomous Vehicles Could Help Transform Parking Lots

Researchers say it’s likely that autonomous vehicles (AVs) can help reduce the need for parking lots, opening more room for grass and trees and other elements of nature. It may not seem like it when you’re circling the block...
A colorful illustration showing a birds-eye view of a city with a white Argo autonomous vehicle SUV in front of an orange multi-story warehouse.

Why Urban Warehouses Are Good For Autonomous Vehicles

As more warehouses are built in urban and suburban communities, autonomous vehicle use could become a new kind of solution for deliveries. Multi-story warehouses in densely developed urban areas are common in Asia, but fairly new in the United States....
A colorful illustration shows a robotic arm flipping burger buns on a griddle

My Compliments to the (Robot) Chef: How Automation Is Helping the Food Service Industry

What links winter sports athletes in China, pizza fans in France, burger lovers in California, and coffee drinkers in Singapore? Answer: They’ve all enjoyed food that has been prepared by and maybe even served by kitchen robots. It sounds...
An illustration of a red driverless lawn mower making its way across a grassy green front lawn.

Get On My Lawn! How Autonomous Lawn Mowers Could Help Neighborhoods Flourish

I recently spotted a new arrival next door. My neighbor had brought home a shiny, happy looking robotic lawnmower and turned it loose in the backyard. For hours, I watched it chug back and forth, slicing up blades of...

How Can Self-Driving Reshape Urban Middle Mile Delivery?

If you want a taste of just how deep the supply chain crisis has burrowed into the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector, look no further than the cold drinks case at your local convenience store. You just might find...

The Business of Autonomy: How One Self-Driving Company Has Opened the Door to Commercial Ride-Hail and Goods Delivery

In this ongoing series, “The Business of Autonomy,” experts from Argo AI explain the anatomy of a commercial self-driving service. First up, Director of Engineering Scott Plant looks at a crucial piece of infrastructure needed to monitor and manage...
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